We bought the farm!


We did it.  We literally bought the farm.

Some people might look at it, smell it, see the dust, inspect the dry pond, dodge the grasshoppers, do a double take at the place we are selling to get to the country, and shake their heads.  We look at this place, our September Farm, and see freedom:  freedom to roam, dream, breathe, plant, create, fix, and get out of debt.

Our little three acre spread has a barn, a wood shop, a shed that will become a greenhouse, a pond, and a cozy house built in 1950 that’s been added onto a few times.  It has good bones and sweet history:  dear husband grew up next door, where his parents once owned 126 acres.  There’s nothing here that doesn’t need to be touched, but we relish the work ahead of us.

Here we go…


2 thoughts on “We bought the farm!

  1. This is obviously something you’ve worked for and wanted for a long time. I know the feelings you’re having now. In my experience, they don’t go away. Congratulations!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Dawna. I will definitely be adding yours to my feed. I really like your design.

  2. Thanks, Julia! It’s been fun and enlightening to read blogs of people like you who are already doing the things we are just diving into.

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