August 1

August 1 began as most mornings do at our house in the suburbs.  As the alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. signaling the start of another day, dear husband rolled over and whispered to me, “Today we’re buying our farm.”  I could hear the sleepy smile in his voice, and it made me giddy.  He said to me once that he had been trying to get back to the country ever since he left his parents’ farm after college.  That farm happened to be next door to the place we were buying; we now would share a tree line, a fence, a history, and an ever deepening connection to his childhood home.  It is a homecoming of sorts for me as well, since we had many sweet times there when we dated in the mid-eighties.  Just being there makes this Houston-bred girl slow down and breathe deeply.

We showed up to the closing and were presented with these cute things!  (Sorry for the blurry photo, but I was really excited!)


Our realtor brought two boxes of these adorable farm cookies for us; one box was even gluten free for dear husband!  We chatted with the seller of the house, which was a reunion for David since he knew the gentleman from years ago as a neighbor.  We signed the papers, and it was done.  We owned a farm.  We were then presented by realtor Lacy with a new door knocker engraved with our family name.  I tried not to get misty-eyed.  We owned a farm.  Our farm.

Husband hurried back to the office to finish work, and I set off to the home improvement store.  We were going to start work on our house that night, and I had big plans to make it special.  I got letters to spell our name on the mailbox.  I bought a few gallons of paint for the ceilings, which we planned to rid of the popcorn texture as soon as possible!  I then hurried back to the house we live in to meet hubby after work, and we drove out to the farm together.


We happily walked in the front door and ignored the lingering smell of dog in the dingy carpet.  I spread a blanket on the floor so that we could have a picnic dinner before starting our projects.  We ate and laughed and dreamed out loud and were then startled by a knock on the door.  We had our first visitors!  It was reunion time again as two more of David’s childhood neighbors came to welcome us home.  It was precious.  I thought to myself, “I think I’m going to love country life.”

After chatting with the neighbors, who promised to bring a pie once we settled in, we attacked the popcorn ceilings with gusto.  We had two bedrooms done before we left for the night.  Goodbye, popcorn.  I like you with butter and onion salt, but I’d prefer that you were not on my ceilings.  🙂

We returned to our “city” house coated in dust and sweat and exhaustion and bliss.  Before drifting off to sleep, David and I marveled at the fact that today, August 1st,  would be cherished in our memories as the day we realized a dream.  We bought a farm.


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