Something Old, Something New…

Dear husband and I have been busy every day working on our farmhouse.  We finally got a contract on our city house, so we are racing to get the country house livable before we move in (gulp) 24 days!  Our schedule looks like this:  drop kids off at school, work at farmhouse, pick up kids from school, make a quick dinner, hubby arrives home to eat, then all of us head back out to the farm to work until 9 or so at night.  It’s a productive schedule, albeit not blog-friendly.


David and I did take a small break from the remodeling to celebrate our anniversary on September 1.  After tossing around ideas about how to commemorate our first year as newlyweds, we decided that we don’t need more “stuff.”  Simplifying is the aim of this season of our lives.  Instead, our anniversary gift to each other would be something permanent for the house.  We spent a balmy day traipsing through thrift shops, antique stores, and an architectural salvage place combing through gobs of dusty items with history.   We settled on these beauties:  a set of antique cabinet doors.  (Another blog post post will show how they have found a niche in our home!)




The list of new items we need in the house is dwindling; we buy used as often as possible to save money and recycle perfectly good items.  We landed on this website that became the inspiration for the new rustic DIY floors in our house.  The wood has to become acclimated in the home for 2-3 weeks before it can be laid, so we stocked up on 1×6 pine over the anniversary weekend.  



Mrs. G lives across the street with her husband on a cattle ranch.  The quaint view from our front window is their silo, pasture, cows, donkeys, and pond.  One day recently as we were working like crazy on the house, we saw Mrs. G outside in her yard.  She waved and said we could borrow anything we needed rather than go into town for something.  “Into town” is a phrase that is finding a home in our everyday conversation more and more.  You know you love the country when you don’t want to go “into town” unless you absolutely have to.  I think I’m there.




We let the younger girls pick the color of their bedrooms; they chose the softest shade of aqua called Mayflower Blue.  It almost looks white until you see it next to the fresh white trim.  It’s very soothing.  Paint in the main floor bedrooms is now complete!



Happy anniversary to the love of my life.  I love being on this adventure with you.


3 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New…

  1. Dawna,
    I just read your entire blog in one sitting. 🙂

    Congrats on the new farm! I loved farm life and miss it – but I’m enjoying the conveniences of things being so close. “Going into town” is what we said for 14 1/2 years. Now we say, “I’m gonna run to the store. Be back in 10 minutes!” 🙂

    HAVE FUN with your restoration! I cannot wait to see it when it’s all done (and along the way). (Just think of what your arms will look like when you are done working! You’ll not only have a He-man, but you’ll be a He-Woman!) ha!!

    PS The floors are gonna be awesome! And those doors – ahhhh! So cool!

    • Thanks, Lynnette!! What an adventure it’s been. I love country life, but city life definitely has its perks as well. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the KC area!

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