As the last few hours of 2013 pass by, we are satisfied that September Farm has undergone a steady, noticeable transformation.  We have owned this place 5 months and lived in it nearly 3.  We have completed dozens of projects but are far from done.  The more challenging ventures, such as the basement overhaul, seemed to go at a snail’s pace; in retrospect the changes are discernible and leave us happily uttering to each other, “I can’t believe that worked.”

So far, the basement has been gutted of rotted wood, sealed against leakage, fitted with a new sump pump, and new HVAC systems with ducting were added.  Plumbing lines were moved to accommodate  the demolition of the drop ceiling.  An old gas heater was removed.  Gas lines were replaced there and throughout the entire house, as they were not to code.  We moved a wall to create a small basement family room space for the kids, built a closet in the bigger bedroom, cut through concrete to install a real escape window that actually lets in nice natural light…….I could go on and on.  In the day to day of our farmhouse rehab, it seems like little to no progress is made.  It can get downright tiresome and discouraging.  Sometimes we just have to stop, breathe, have a glass of wine, look at the “before” photos, and be re-inspired by pictures of what we hope to accomplish.

Soon we will post pictures of the completed basement!  We are done with 2 bedrooms; the basement family room is nearly finished.  We have used unconventional materials that have turned out to be some of the kids’ favorite features:  whiteboard ceiling in one room, whiteboard wall in another room, chalkboard paint on closet doors, joint compound on walls for a plaster effect.  It’s been fun trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  Here’s a pictorial essay of some of the progress in the large basement bedroom:

IMG_0370   IMG_0544   IMG_0549

1.  original small window  2.  hammering out the hole for bigger window   3.  the new window with built in bench

IMG_0369  IMG_0368  

original walls, no closet

IMG_0373   IMG_0529   IMG_0556

1.  original drop ceiling    2.  popcorn ceiling underneath, partially removed for HVAC duct work   3.  new paneled whiteboard ceiling


new walls, closet door, and ceilings

More pictures to come as we finish up the basement.  May 2014 bring all of us new adventures, love, good memories, rest, hard work, and of course, progress.


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